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Update on Queensboro plant odors

CANASTOTA, NY – Several residents of the Village of Canastota have contacted the village office in recent days with questions regarding the odors coming from the Queensboro Farm Products dairy plant on Rasbach Street.

The Village has been in contact with Queensboro management as well as NWT, the company which oversees the wastewater treatment facility and the Village’s pretreatment specialist. Queensboro has been proactive in finding a solution to the issue and has begun using a new chemical to treat the odors that arise from the dairy operation. However, this new system takes time to properly infuse chemicals into the wastewater to eliminate the smell. The odors have already begun to dissipate, and will continue to do so over the next several days.

Queensboro says it will continue to monitor the situation and will make adjustments as needed to keep the odors to a minimum.

Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact the Village of Canastota office at

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